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Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm

Started snowing soon after we arrived.

Sodermalm, the area of our hotel. Still snowing.

Stopped at Big Bob’s…uh, I mean Ben’s for a few brews —— Falcon Ale, a superb Swedish brew. It too is brewed by Calsberg.

Big Ben

Great street signs in Europe ——- One of the many warnings for icicles

Climbed our way up tons of snowy stairs to catch a view of the city

There is no shoveling in Sweden. Good thing American’s don’t live there….they’d sue

That’s the walking bridge we climbed all the stairs to see the views —– Hmm….mermaid, I think.

A different view of Gamla Stan —— We saw more strollers in the 3 days here than I’ve seen in my life.

Lots of statues…running out of poses.

What are ducks doing in Sweden. Why aren’t they frozen??

Statue in Ostermalm

The man made sledding hill —– There I am, sledding with the kids. Where’s my sled, you ask? It was so small you can’t see it

There’s a strange looking zamboni

LOL, that’s a different. Parkforvaltningen? —– More snow removal from the roofs to prevent icicles. The temperature rises and falls
so often, icicles are a huge problem.

Djurgarden vs. Frolunda

Globe Arena

mmm…Jose —— Djurgarden

Djurgarden is wearing blue, Frolunda white

Djurgarden won

Today Tracey and I took the ferry over to Djurgarden

Some of the views from the ferry to Djurgarden, the ship we’ll be taking to Helsinki and the Vasa Museum

More views from the ferry ride

More interesting signs. I’m learning the language. Utfart is exit and Gangvag is short cut

Nordic Museum

The Nordic museaum contained the history of sweden


Stop, I’ll scream —- The halls of the museum

Vasa Museum

In case you were wondering, where’s Cynthia?? Here she is….still sick. 🙁

Icebar – Stockholm

Chillin’ in the icebar —— I triple dog dare you

We actually had a farely easy time getting around on the subway. YAY!

More of Gamla Stan

The royal palace

Workers removing the snow to prevent icicles

Hotel Renstierna – Stockholm hostel.

Our stay in Stockholm is over. Now our trek to the ship begins. Off to Helsinki

It took forever to get on this ship —– Scenery from the ship ride

Great sunset shots