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Michigan Wolverines Football

Welcome to Detroit

Oh no …there’s a tire on the run

The early risers

Michigan knows how to tailgate!

The tailgating never ends. They’re all over the place …the High School parking lot, lawn,
the Golf Course, the pub.
They take this serious

Calhoun better learn to hold that ball a little better or he’ll be cut

Wow now that’s big!

Go Blue!

Touch your toes …look at your toes … or imagine yourself looking at your toes

How many guys does it take to push a drum?

That would be Purdue’s band …upside down

That’s a small d for me …Lil’d. Go d, go d, go go ..go d!


I don’t think i’d want to be in the middle of all that

Game on!

The view from my seat. Perfect! 40 yard line.

The student section is Yellow. That’s cool

Purdue scores …again. Where’s the defense?

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Yes, that would be a man in a
banana costume.
His yellow shirt must have been in the laundry

Another banana, but more like a mini banana. Unless he’s just a really tall guy

You’ve got to be kidding …Purdue wins???

They get to bang the worlds largest drum if they win.

Those were the days….

Darn that mini van for being in my way. There’s a boilermaker on the other side. Really?? A
boilermaker? What kind of mascot is that???