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Maple Leaf Garden

One good thing about filming the show here, they took down the old worn out construction paper
they had
coving up the doors

That would’ve been cool if the guys wore their hockey gear. That would’ve been sexy!

Welcome to MLG. Wish they’d turn on the lights so I could get better pictures

Let the Battle begin

If you were wondering, this is the roof. I had to get a picture of everything. I’m not joking.
You’ll see as you keep scrolling down.

See, I wasn’t kidding you. This was underneath one of the box seats. It’s hard to tell, but it
looked pretty nasty under there.

Box seats across the way. Those were added years after the rink was built. I believe sometime
in the 60’s.

A closer view of the boxes. I had to make sure to get ever angle.

An ancient score board. That would look sweet in my basement.

An action packed picture of the seats. Old and gold.

Craig Simpson and Jamie
Sale warming up

Now there’s a shot that reminds me of hockey. Gotta love the Zamboni

You’ve never seen these before. More box seats. I told you I took a picture from every angle

Look, there they are again along with some red seats

3rd level …minus all the seats. Those all sold for $800 or so a pop.

There I am under some funky lighting in the Garden. What a great night that was!

I don’t think I’d want to walk around up there. That was right above the scoreboard.

Easier to tell where the previous picture is by looking this picture

Let the show begin

Look at those pretty colors

I wonder if that’s the original keyboard. Looks old from here.

Here’s where we find out the show is only 30 minutes. That was news to me. I expected
atleast an hour. I guess it’s not as popular as Dancing with the Stars. I don’t see how it couldn’t
be …it’s got hockey players on it and it’s in Canada.

In case you’re wondering, that’s not the original lighting.

Ron MacLean and Kurt Browning. I had to look him up.
He was a figure skater. No wonder
know who he was. He has all of his teeth.

You guessed it, it was Live

Professional skaters. I had no idea who they were. She’s like a cat and somehow lands on her feet.
That guy
definitely doesn’t have a figure skater
body. Looked more like a football player to me.

Mr Hockey Night in Canada. If only Don Cherry were here

Stephane Richer is not invisible or a ghost. She hurt her back
in morning practice. What does
that mean?
No elimination tonight. Bummer! I wanted to see someone get eliminated

Claude Lemiex …The Avs Red Wings rivalry will never be the same without him

Ron being goofy

The skaters talking to the judges.

Zoomed out for the full effect

Wow, more seats.

…and more. Gotta love the hand painted letters for rows E and F

Mr. Simpson. Craig, not Homer

I was glad the seat i ended up in was actually a seat. The cement would’ve been a tad
uncomfortable to sit on for the show.

Lower level and Second level seating in the corner. The curtain is covering up the rest. What
do they need a curtain for? Don’t they know I want pictures? My pictures are much more
important that what the set looks like.

I had a get a shot so that if I ever make it back I’d know how to disassemble
the seat so I could take one home with me.

This is the last shot of seats …I promise.

Upper level concourse. Most of it was covered up and not accessible

Different angle. Nice wood paneling

Lower level concourse

Now that would look cool in my basement

A photo left at the arena of the arena being built. The beginning stages …1931

Another one…
wow, they work fast

lower level …again

Concession stand??

Wow, that’s showing it’s age

There’s a woman with a cane and a guy walking next to her. Oh and that’s another view of the
lower level concourse

Here’s a picture of a wall with fancy signs pointing you to your section

I don’t remember signing any waiver

Hmm…CougRRR Mercury. That right there shows it’s age

My rental car is the second one from the left

That would look great in my basement…

…along with this

LOL, this is a view of the door. If you look real close you can see a picture of the arena.
That would look great as my front door

Another angle. Don’t worry, you’re about done.

A view of the cool doors they cover up

The End