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Espoo & Helsinki, Finland

Our next adventure begins…finding our hotel. —- The frozen archipelago

Helsinki’s central rail station —– One of the few bus stops we landed at trying to find our way to our hotel. We finally
made it after a few hours…finally!

We tried to go to a game in Helsinki, but it was sold out..the first game all season —- 2 tickets, anyone? How can they not have any scalpers??

Here’s our room at the Radisson Inn in Espoo

Our venture to the bus stop…on our way to Helsinki —– One of the many ice rinks in Helsinki

There’s an interesting fire truck. Bright! —— On our tour through the city, but found another rink where a bunch of kids teams were playing Bandy.

Bandy appears to be a cross between ice and roller hockey with a bit of soccer. Looked fun.

It’s hard to tell, but that’s the Olympic stadium —- A soccer field next to the stadium

I’m guessing that sign says "Don’t wear a white shirt with a big red ‘X’ on it and walk out on the ice" — Downtown Helsinki

Espoo Blues vs TPS Turku

Lansiauto Arena, home of the Espoo Blues

Espoo is wearing blue, Turku white —- One player on each team was wearing a gold helmet

Mike Ribiero of the Montreal Canadiens

After a goal is scored this section of the arena goes nuts

Espoo & Turku After the game

Here I am out on the archipelago making a snow angel —- Posing in front of a buoy

I would’ve loved to have tried that, para-skiing —- A crack in the ice