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Copenhagen, Denmark

COPENHAGEN – København

After 12 hours of traveling, our first night in Copenhagen. Found a nice little pub/club…Skala.

Downtown Copenhagen on a alarmingly cold day.

Our hotel, Absalon Hotel ——— Downtown. There’s a 7-11 on every corner and an unual high amount of bicyclists..

T and Cyn frozen after our walk around town. ——- Just one of the many sex shops near our hotel


Museum Erotica

The Museum Erotica. A must visit in Denmark. The images from the inside weren’t apropriate for the web

Did I mention it was extremely cold?

Carlsberg Brewery Tour

T and Cyn in front of the brewery ——— One of the many interesting statues

Took the short tour. Walked past the Clydesdales and strait for the beer. Priorities!

Two of the great beers we tried. Carls Special & Lager

Our short walk to the Central Rail Station. Off to Sweden.

Catching our early, cold morning train to Stockholm

Malmo – not sure why I took this picture.